Forming Healthy Habits

Forming Healthy Habits

Building Healthy Habits! 

As individuals aspiring to become healthier, improve body composition, and overall performance, it is imperative to develop good habits. Habits are one of the toughest things to break, so if you develop healthy habits its safe to say it will stay with you for a long time.

Some of the best habits to build are as follow:

  • obtain adequate sleep
  • increase eating frequency while decreasing food portions
  • going for a light walk after dinner or eating.

Obtaining Adequate Sleep: Studies show that sleeping for 7-9 hours a night has huge benefits. Adequate sleep may prevent chances of developing cancer, reduce inflammation, decrease stress and depression. Adequate sleeping will also help with maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight. It is important to get into the habit of falling asleep right away when going to bed. You should avoid distractions, noises and lights when trying to sleep. Also, try to prevent eating close to bedtime in order to allow enough time to digest your food.

Frequency and Portions: Research in this area is limited and has no direct answer on eating more frequently being better for body composition or health. With that being said, a lot of studies did not have a big enough sample group, could not control for independent variables, and was not performed for a long enough period of time. Situations like these make it hard to consider the findings concrete and accurate, but increasing frequency and decreasing portions has tremendous benefits. It will increase metabolism and caloric expenditure, reduce bloating and inflammation, increase energy levels and satiety or feeling full. This train of thought has been around for years and proves to be very useful and a great habit to develop.

Walking After Meals: Walking after meal is one of the best habits to develop. More specifically, walking after dinner. This not only aids with digestion, but it will allow for more adequate sleep and decrease fat retention. Walking after your meals will also help with regulation of sugar or diabetes. 

RescueFit- Leandro Salvador- M.S Exercise & Nutrition Science- NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer- Firefighter/Medic  


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