Protein Intake

Protein Intake

"How much protein should I take if I want to gain weight or lose weight?"

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions in the Exercise and Nutrition industry. There has been a lot of research and articles on this very topic. Research suggest that anything over 20-25 grams per meal can not be adequately processed and support protein synthesis.

In addition and in accordance to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, calculating overall daily protein intake is as follow:

  •  .8-1.2 grams per Kilogram of Body Weight
  •   I.E. 180lb Male looking to gain Weight
  •   Convert Pounds to Kilogram
  •   180lbs/2.2=81.8 Kilgrams
  •   81.8x1.2=98 grams of protein 
  •   Since the athlete is looking to gain weight I would recommendation 1.6-2.0 grams per Kg
  •   If trying to lose weight .8-1.2grams/Kg is adequate


These recommendations can be considered to be on the lower end of what most individuals in the fitness or bodybuilding community were taught to consume, but these recommendations are safer, produce results and do not take a huge toll on your kidney function. Also according to "The Science of Nutrition", acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges for healthful diets suggest that 10-35 percent of total calories should come from protein. This also falls in line with National Strength and Conditioning association. 

Now in order to calculate the rest of your Macronutrients (Macros) we will need to calculate your total calorie intake, use the formula to calculate carbohydrates and fiber (highly dependent on level of activity and goals) and understand the percentage of fats/healthy fats needed for normal functioning. All which will be discussed on our upcoming series of post.

RescueFit- Leandro Salvador- M.S Exercise & Nutrition Science-NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer- Firefighter/Medic

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