Fitness, health and wellness is much more than just looking good. It’s much more than being physically strong or flexible, RescueFit is about being mentally fit and having mental health awareness. It is about being mindful, finding peace amongst obstacles and traumatic events. It is about having a bigger purpose and having courage to seek help when needed. 

PTSD and depression is a raising concern within Emergency medical services and firefighting. Rates having dramatically increased as we are experiencing more traumatic events every day. We are here to serve, protect and lead but that happens when we are the ones that need to be rescued? It is alarming how well we can mask pain and keep everything inside.

As firefighters, military, cops, service men and women, we are exposed to a lot of trauma on a daily basis. Here at Rescuefit we have a bigger purpose, to raise awareness on PTSD, encourage individuals to speak up, and teach helpful coping mechanisms.  

Successful coping mechanisms are as follow:

  •   Exercise Regularly
  •  Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Practice meditation and yoga
  • Seek therapy and counsel
  • Be creative and explore music and art

RescueFit- Leandro Salvador- M.S Exercise & Nutrition- NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer- Firefighter/Medic 

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