About Us

RescueFit was founded in 2018 by (2) Central Florida firefighter/paramedics on a mission to not only make a difference in the community in which we serve, but to the entire nation. We all share the same passion for humanity and simply caring for people. RescueFit is about acquiring the strength, courage, discipline and mental toughness to overcome any obstacle no matter who you are, where youā€™re from, or your profession.

We believe in the bigger picture, one of which we are our brotherā€™s and sisterā€™s keeper and if a crisis or emergency should take place we have the courage to intervene with every effort to make a positive impact. As Firefighters, we strive to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the unknown challenges of life with an ā€œI CANā€ mindset believing in positive outcomes in any situation.

Here at RescueFit, our goal is to provide fitness attire & accessories, nutrition guidance, and various training programs helping human development. We at RescueFit believe in you and welcome you to our RescueFit family where ordinary people do extraordinary things.

A percent of all profits are donated to PTSD research for public safety, health care, and military personnel


Founders Leo and JiveĀ 


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified Personal TrainerĀ 

Physique CompetitorsĀ 

Masters in Exercise & Nutrition ScienceĀ