Rescue Fit Cares: PTSD

As firefighters serving our communities, we could not start our own business without giving back!

Part of the RescueFit mission is to be our brother and sister’s keeper. RescueFit is about being mentally and physical fit and serving our community. This is why RescueFit believes in building awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Too many service men and women suffer from the tragedies associated with PTSD. This is a growing problem in our line of work that is taken far too lightly. We need to do our part in recognizing symptoms of PTSD and how we can help those who are suffering. More attention need to be brought to awareness, treatment and research of PTSD! 

This is why RescueFit will be donating portion of our proceeds to the UCF Restores Program. This program provides treatment and research for service men/women and anyone in the community who suffers from PTSD. 

RescueFit is asking for your support, we can not contribute to this program without your help. We thank you for your business and ask everyone to stay RescueFit!

       For more information on click on the link below.